Player Characters

This is a listing of all current and previously played characters in the campaign, and some brief background story for each. Players may edit this page or link to their character pages as they wish.

Current Player Characters

Eladrin Wizard
His father betrayed his eladrin community to the Fomorians, killing hundreds of people. Erevan, in shame or exile, wandered the land until he showed up just in time for a contest in Marisef, where he met his current adventuring party. He still searches for his father to enact vengeance.

Tiefling Rogue
Wandering the streets and alleys of big cities, Marisef included, gave Ekemon the knowledge of stealth and thievery. The contest held gave Ekemon a chance to show his worth. Since then, he has spent a lot of time gambling, drinking, and occasionally finding himself in bed with strangers.

Human Fighter
Met the party when they showed up to eradicate an undead presence in the graveyard of his hometown, he now follows them and often insults particularly slow guardsmen. He is famously known for saying “He flanks with me and does damage” in regards to taking good care of Ekemon when he is drunk.

Elven Ranger
Wandered away from the elven lands on a quest to compile some of the best maps, he spends a lot of time looking at the stars, scribbling upon parchment, and tearing through large atlases in people’s homes. He is also quite skilled at the bow, which oftentimes proves to be far more useful to the group’s objective.

Elven Druid
(This character is a temporary character created using Stephie’s druid 4E rules) An albino exiled from the elven lands, who followed the ranger Silvanox on his quest around the world. She speaks very little, and has a terrible habit of following Erevan around.

Former Player Characters

Keelee Clearwater
Halfling Warlord/Rogue
Keelee hid a deep mysterious past, which involved the tragic death of her entire family. She is currently being held captive by at least three men, who swear that she knows more than she is giving.

Half-elf Ranger
A wanderer with excellent marksmanship, who ran off to destroy or infiltrate Lord Baylorne’s army. No one has seen him since.

Human Paladin
A young and spirited paladin of Pelor, who led a glorious escape from Marisef’s prison under Lord Baylorne’s oppression. No one can say what became of the young lad and his giant bastard sword.


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