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Azure Guard

Or really, what became of them.

A motley crew of four adventurers were grouped together for a contest, ran by Lord Danian, Marisef’s leader. The winners of the contest were to be his Azure Guard, or sole protectors of him and his realm.

However, things went awry rather quickly, when Marisef was attacked by the neighboring city-state Tenur and its military leader Lord Baylorne. Now the party roams around the land, chasing stories, magic, and history; but always remembering their homeland, and its destruction.

What became of Lord Danian? Did the southlands finally group together to stop Lord Baylorne’s crusade to wipe out all non-human races? Why is Urea’Nilas searching for the “source of magic”, and what exactly does that entail? Whatever happened to Keelee Clearwater and her family, and what information could she possibly have that is so important to some people? And why are there remnants of powerful arcane magic within The Fissure, a black chasm notoriously known to be completely devoid of magic, both arcane and divine?

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