Azure Guard

Happenings; Session 2/7/08

The party found themselves at the beginning of the session within the crystal cavern, having just fought some crystalline spiders. They managed to open another amethyst door by switching gems around on the cavern floor. There was a brief scuttle with the rogue concerning the possible worth in taking several gems and some swords, but the wisdom of the party forced him not to.

The party fought more spiders, and found themselves with the choice of two doors. One, after deactivating the exploding glyph and unlocking it with force, opened to a large space which contained four alters, each containing a magical item, and a large crystal statue of male genasi. The other room was much smaller, and contained a crystal tomb, in which lay a purple skinned genasi. This room also had two human sized genasi statues, each with their hands outstretched. No obvious doors were in sight, but Erevan could detect an arcane lock within the room. After much puzzling and frustration, Erevan the wizard knelt before one of the statues and held its hands. He felt some magic flow from the statue, and told the party to grab one of the outstretched statue hands.

This seemed to work, and a doorway opened up between the statues. A staircase lead down and into a large throne room. This room had columns lining both sides and a large chair at the end. Kratos sat upon the chair, and two crystal golems annimated and began to attack the party. With ease, the party took the statues down, and the throne moved aside to show a doorway.

Through this doorway, the party found themselves in a very large room, so to speak. This room extended seemingly endlessly to the left and right into darkness beyond. It had stone walls and floor, save for the very large amethyst door across from them. Between the party and the door was a deep dark chasm, and a single arched stone bridge across it. The party carefully tread across the bridge and found two dead crystal golems before the door. The party inspected the door carefully, but could find no way to open it. At this point, a tall and old eladrin stepped out from the shadows. Erevan immediately recognized the man as his own father, Urea’Nilas. There was a brief verbal exchanged between the man and the party before he summoned small elementals and the battle began.

The battle took all of the party’s resources, and in the end one of their own died, but Urea’Nilas was defeated with cunning and teamwork.

After they gathered their strength again, Erevan, ever curious, inspected the large amethyst door one more time. This time however, the door opened, and a female genasi emerged, dealing heavy blows to the wizard. She backed off after she realized that the group meant no harm to her, but she warned them that Urea’Nilas was still alive, somewhere within the cavern.

Story so far...
Brief synopsis of everything that's happened in the last six months, dear goodness.

Back in the beginning… Four adventurers (Erevan, Ekemon, Keelee, and Nayl) were signed up to be in a group for a contest held by Lord Danian of Marisef. Over 50 groups competed in a race to the top of a mountain. Of course, our fair PCs won the competition and became Lord Danian’s personal Azure Guard. One of their first duties was to discover what was happening with certain funds, because it seemed that certain groups (temples, guilds) were not receiving their adequate share. This led the party eventually to the halfling town of Court to the north, where they met their personal cleric Merena Seafare. Upon their return to Marisef, they discovered it was completely destroyed and taken over by Lord Baylorne, a powerful militaristic leader of Tenur. They lead an interesting campaign to save fellow Marisef’ians, Nayl included, from the prison in which they were being held. They barely escaped with their lives from Marisef, but vowed that they would be back in order to regain their hometown.

There were some musings with halflings, and dwarves, and some more humans, before fate (or an encrypted note) lead them northward to The Fissure, a giant dark chasm that spans almost the length of the continent through its center. Within The Fissure, notorious for being a complete anti-magic zone, tiefling warlocks had found rocks that held some remnants of arcane magic. This adventure led the party northwards, to the dragonborn kingdoms. Along their journey, Keelee Clearwater was captured by a group of men, saying that she held some information that they wanted. At this point, Tanis, the sharp-shooting half-elf, disappeared, presumably back southwards to fight Lord Baylorne on his own. The party, now diminished, continued north, and by chance met with two elves: Lyr the albino druid, and Silvanox the map making ranger.

Once in the Dagger Mountains, the party searched for clues regarding an infamous evil wizard named Urea’Nilas, who was proposedly after the “source of magic.” A seer finally gave them a riddle on how to open a portal that would lead them to him. After some journeying, and collecting various items, the party managed to open the portal into a pocket dimension – a cave entirely made of blue and purple hued crystals. At the end of the dungeon, they encountered Urea’Nilas before a very large amethyst door. An epic battle ensued, but the party came out ultimately victorious.

Welcome to the wiki for the Azure Guard campaign (for lack of a better name)!
Blogging each session like it's 2009.

After each session, I will try to update here on some major events, including links to things like dungeons, locations, NPCs, and monsters. I might be fun to look at what has happened!


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