Lord Danian

Lord of Marisef


Lord Danian was the leader of the city-state of Marisef, before its untimely downfall to the hands of Lord Baylorne.

Physical Description: black hair with a few white strands, usually wears blue with gold threading, worships Pelor.

High Chancellor Mickdell: human, old (mid-70’s), beady eyes with thick glasses, wish but somewhat unaware/unfocused.
City Guard Leader Tommen: human, mid-30’s, gruff and bold.
Magistrate Merna: female cleric of Pelor, mid-40’s
Treasurer Sayvil: half-elf male, blonde, young (25), happy personality
Cleric Barrent: human male, cleric of Bahamut, white hair and beard, scruffy, 40ish
Advisor Tenk: half-elf male, 30ish, shrewd, somewhat unkind/skeptical

Lord Danian

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